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Custom Orders

Interested in Requesting a Custom Order

We would love to discuss your request for a custom order.  Using the webshop as your inspiration, let your imagination go wild.   Follow these steps and let's get the process started!

Step 1:  Use the contact section below and enter your name and email.

Step 2:  In the message section, leave a detailed description of the project you are interested in or ask questions about what you might like.  Please include as much detail as possible - think about color, possible wood you might like, even design parameters.  Also, please include details pertaining to when you might need the project finished, a timeline always helps.

Step 3:  We will follow up as soon as we can with possible questions of our own; with a price quote and details of when the project could be finished.


Using the steps above, leave your comments below.

Thanks for submitting!

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