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Lidded Bowl Turned from Acacia
  • Lidded Bowl Turned from Acacia

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    These lathe turned lidded bowls are a special addition to any decor.  Each bowl is unique in design with usages limited only to your imagination.  The filigree lids make them perfect for potpourri or displaying special mementos.


    This particular bowl is turned from Acacia.  Acacia is typically found in Australia and can fluoresce under a blacklight.  The filigree pattern on this lid is a unique bird and ribbon pattern adding to the eclectic feel of the bowl.


      Each bowl turned is treated as a fine art piece.  Numbered to distinguish from other pieces.  Bowls are finished with a friction wax and will retain their natural luster and beauty pertaining to the individual wood.

      All products should never be washed or cleaned with harsh chemicals.  A simple dusting or wipe down is all that is needed for cleaning purposes.


      Returns are accepted at the buyers shipping expense after approval from shop owner.  Please contact KKTurnings for approval within the first 30 days of purchase for returns.

      KKTurnings does not refund for any product but will be happy to exchange for product currently listed on the website.


      Shipping rates are set at a flat fee, depending on domestic or international.  If shipping domestic, you may choose standard or express shipping, rates are different for each.  If you are shipping international, standard shipping only.

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