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Cocktail Smoker Kit turned from Canarywood
  • Cocktail Smoker Kit turned from Canarywood

    SKU: SMK2404CAN2
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    These cocktail smoker kits are a must have for any aspiring mixologist.  The cocktail smoker will cap your cocktail glass and once lit, the burning wood chips will enfuse smoke into your favorite beverage contained within.


    Each kit comes with a hand turned smoker and filter screens, a handy refillable butane torch, and two tins of wood chips.  Wood chips are 0.85oz in size and will be randomly selected from available flavors in stock ranging from cherry, apple, pecan, oak, pine, pear, or others.


    This smoker is turned from Canarywood which is from South America and can vary from yellows to reds and even at time be almost like the rainbow.

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